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One of the Best Universities for Medicine Program in the Philippines

The Philippines has a lot of schools listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and today we are going to feature one of the best universities for medicine program.

Let us first talk about studying medicine. Why choose to study medicine?

One of the best reasons to study medicine is the ability to help people recover or discover a new solution to an incurable disease. Also, a medicine degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Medicine graduates will play special roles as they enter the reality of handling complex issues and important health matters of different cases.

To correspond to your educational dreams, Lin's International Education is here to help you enroll to one of the best universities for medicine program in the Philippines: Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), College of Medicine.

Listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, OLFU's College of Medicine offers a variety of elective courses in the curriculum allowing students to extend their knowledge in special fields of interest.

Some highlights of OLFU College of Medicine:

- Has 123 Topnotchers in Medicine (1987-2019)

- OLFU has a peaceful learning environment because fraternities and sororities are not tolerated

- OLFU has gained an "AUTONOMOUS STATUS" granted by CHED

Those are only few truths at Our Lady of Fatima University. Want to know more? Stay tuned as we work on the details that will be published on our website.

Thank you for reading and see you on our next blog post!

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